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We are very excited that you are interested in camping with us this year. Our camp supports the Savage Island Art Car created and built by Stone Larkin.

Thinking about joining our tribe at Savage Kingdom camp? Aside from the parties we throw, and the ideal placement of the camp, as well as the great people who you will meet and befriend, there are a few things to know. Below is a list of what is covered by being a part of Savage Kingdom.

  • We are a theme camp and this is Burning Man, so there will be noise.
  • Respect for your fellow campers and all burners as a whole is very important, and active engagement and participation is an expectation of our camp.
  • We also expect you to have fun and not take playa life too seriously. After all that's what we're here for! 

Listed below are the details!

SKC  provisions include:

  • Savage Island art car. This is a 50’x30’ two-story tall art car with a bar and DJ booth in the tower, lounge space with cushions and space to dance

  • Daily happy hour bar and dance party on the Island while it’s parked at camp

  • One daytime and one night deep playa art car party with other art cars including AirPusher, One Eyed Monster

  • Two incredible meals per day (brunch and dinner) prepared by your camp mates and overseen by a professional chef. More details below.

  • Well stocked kitchen tent with stove, meat smoker, gas grill,  freezer, refrigerator, propane, water for dish washing

  • Showers

  • Shaded relaxation area with couches, coffee tables and large communal dining table for nightly dinners

  • Shade structures provided for tent campers

  • LNT (Leave No Trace) system for trash, recyclables and grey water

  • 30 kw camp generator (looking for a larger one depending on room in budget)

  • Fire pit for nightly fires

  • Trailer for year-round storage with space for camp storage as well as space for 1 box, 1 cooler and delivery to/from playa

Meal Situation

Chef Aaron Ziegler starts with pastured only animals, permaculture produce, and wild seafood. We continue by making every thing from scratch with techniques such as natural fermentations, whole animal butchering, house made charcuterie, and produce from our own garden. Then we design the perfect dish for each experience.

  • We will source the necessary ingredients for your group’s meal from our curated list of growers. These items will be purchased based on your needs, whether your group is supplying a specific menu and recipes for your meal, or you would like Chef Aaron to design a menu for your group’s meal.

  • Chef Aaron will pre-prepare your meal so it is super easy to reheat out on the playa with only a few simple steps. You’ll have the benefit of our specially sourced ingredients, and reduce the amount of waste (think less packaging and less organic waste). This will also greatly reduce the amount of water necessary to prepare the meal. The meals will be organized in neat clean reduced packaging with simple heating instructions for each group, and of course, Aaron will be there to answer questions.

  • The pre-prepared meals in reduced packaging will have refrigerated transportation from our facility in Venice to the Playa.

Here’s what’s not supported by your cost share:

  • Water. You need to bring it.

  • Your tent, RV or Hexayurt and anything related to your personal, used-mainly-by-you survival equipment and comfort items.

  • Your ride both into and out of the playa.

  • Your on-playa bike (we recommend you have one!), accessories, lock and lights for your bike.

  • Your private stash of food/drinks (other than the two meals) and storage for your food, e.g. coolers and ice.

  • Your cooking team’s food expenses. Along with 5-7 other people,  you'll be responsible for cooking 1 meal service for the camp during the week. This worked exceptionally well last year and our table that sat 70 people was full for every meal. Expect to contribute $30-40 to your cooking team's food expenses.

  • Everything else you need to survive that’s not listed above. There is information in the Required Reading page like survival guides, packing lists etc.

Questions? Concerns? Rants? Jokes?

Feel free to make your voice heard on our Facebook pages Savage Kingdom Camp and Savage Island Art Car and/or Contact Us for more info!