The 10 Principals of Burning Man

The 10 Principles of Burning Man aren't just a good idea, they're what keeps Burning Man what it is. The Savage Kingdom camp take these principals to heart to ensure every one has an enjoyable experience. 

Below is a link to The 10 Principles.

The 10 Principals of Burning Man


Surviving The Burn

The Burning Man Survival Guide link below is a good start. However for a more enjoyable experience we will be adding a list of extra items our experienced burners at Savage Kingdom Camp recommend after learning a few things over the years.

Burning Man Survival Guide

No problem! There's a guide for that too! Also let's face it, your first time is going to be sensory overload in a good way. This place is like nothing you've ever seen before. The more you know before you arrive the less you have to worry about, so you can spend your time taking it all in.

First Timer's Guide

Playa Info