More than just a Burner Camp.


Savage Kingdom is more than just a Burning Man camp – we are a Mutant Vehicle camp of veteran and virgin burners who love to create and celebrate without limitation. Check out some our camp’s creations we’re proud to bring to the Playa. 

Savage Island.jpg

Savage Island Art Car

Mutant vehicle by Stone larkin

Savage Island art car is truly one of a kind. We custom fabricated a 50’x30’ two-story tall art car with two full bars, DJ booth in the tower, lounge space with cushions and space to dance, swamp coolers for those hot dusty day parties and cheetah print to spare. You will have full access to our mutant vehicles as well as a daily happy hour and dance party on the Island while it’s parked at camp.


Gourmet Meals by Bull & Dragon

Prepared by Chef AARON ZIEGLER

Every day out on the Playa our camp members enjoy two chef prepared gourmet meals by one of Los Angele’s most bad ass chefs, Chef Aaron Ziegler of Bull & Dragon. Chef Aaron was taught that the exploration of cuisine and it's history was indeed a window into the cultures of people from all over the world. Each meal is prepared in house and caters to all diets including veggie and vegan options.


Coworking Space

Assembly Sydney East

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The Foundry

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