Savage Kingdom

Welcome to Savage Kingdom! Our theme is that of a savage head hunter's village, the center of which is home to our Savage Island art car. There will be huts in our entertainment area that provide shade, entertainment, and libations. Behind our camp's main common area will be our members' eating, bathing, and sleeping areas. Camp members share the duty of patrolling these areas day and night to ensure the camp is kept both secure and tidy.


"I remember when I first started going to Burning Man and the art cars were this amazing cool thing that I didn't have access to. We want to change that!"  - Jamila Godfrey


Burning Man is a place where we stretch our imaginations to create and build amazing buildings, art, camps, and people. We as a camp are creating something new by melding a theme camp with a mutant vehicle camp. Our camp will be interactive and have areas open to all who wander in from the dust. 

Savage Island Art Car

The concept of our mutant vehicle, known as Savage Island, is to be accessible to everyone who wants to hang out, dance, perform, and generally get Savage! At 50' long, 40' wide and 30' tall, our beast has plenty of space for lounging, dancing and performing. There is a walk up bar where we will be hosting daily happy hours with rotating fresh high end handmade drink specials. 

Up above the main floor is the DJ booth that looks out over the main floor as well as the front of the car where there is a huge savage looking mask. The speakers will be facing out toward deep playa and will be encouraging dancing and karaoke in the front of the mask.  Each day will be a different music theme and or karaoke.

We would love to have live music and are open to finding musicians or any other performers that would want to use the space. We will be open to recruiting your talent during this year. Send us a message if you're interested!

Burning Man 2017-23.jpg


We are a collection of burners made up of people from all tribes embracing our primitive nature.


We are here to open our hearts and minds to all and to share all of the joys and emotional connections that are made in this place we call Home. We strive as a camp to ensure that everyone who camps with us gets to experience Burning Man in the way that they want and need. 

Welcome Home

By the end of this adventure those words will have a whole new meaning.


The 10 Principals of Burning Man

The 10 Principles of Burning Man aren't just a good idea, they're what keeps Burning Man what it is. The Savage Kingdom camp take these principals to heart to ensure every one has an enjoyable experience. 

Below is a link to The 10 Principles.

The 10 Principals of Burning Man


Surviving The Burn

The Burning Man Survival Guide link below is a good start. However for a more enjoyable experience we will be adding a list of extra items our experienced burners at Savage Kingdom Camp recommend after learning a few things over the years.

Burning Man Survival Guide

No problem! There's a guide for that too! Also let's face it, your first time is going to be sensory overload in a good way. This place is like nothing you've ever seen before. The more you know before you arrive the less you have to worry about, so you can spend your time taking it all in.

First Timer's Guide

Playa Info